If the current version on the App Store is older than the version announced here, that means the latest version is waiting for the store approval and will be online in 48 hours.

v. 1.1.4

Feb, 2019

  • Fixed crashes on iOS when sharing a single color or a palette as an image
  • Added permission check for saving to photos library on iOS
  • Lots of preperations for the upcoming Android launch. Needs more testing.

v. 1.1.2

Jan, 2019

  • Adjusted color picking algorithm parameters to add more variety to the training deck
  • Switched color screen swipe up and down gesture actions
  • Increased color screen swipe up and down threshold to prevent accidental navigation actions

v. 1.1.1

Jan, 2019

  • Fixed duo color posters typography issues
  • Added contrast check for the duo color posters on 'Design Ideas' screen
  • Added long press interaction to the palette rows on favs screen. Takes to 'Design Ideas' screen
  • Adjusted favs screen color block spacing
  • Replaced Cancel button with 'Design Ideas' on the favs screen palette rows. Takes to 'Design Ideas' screen
  • Added activity indicator to 'Design Ideas' screen since the load times may be significant

v. 1.1.0

Jan, 2019

  • Major: Added Design Ideas section
  • Added Background Color Changer to the design ideas section
  • Fixed palettes screen footer icon animations
  • Added splash screen

v. 1.0.5

Jan, 2019

  • Added swipe demo anim (only visible one time)
  • Added link to Polarite logotype on color and favs screens
  • Liked colors in favs screen are tappable and take to the color card
  • Liked colors in favs screen have long press action and take to the palettes screen
  • Fixed a bug causing a color to be liked more than once

v. 1.0.4

Jan, 2019

  • Fixed Favs screen not updating after actions
  • Fixed color screen 'Reset Progress' button
  • Fixed Favs screen palette deletion anim
  • Added animations to the main menu.
  • Updated 'third party licenses' list

v. 1.0.3

Jan, 2019

  • Fixed main menu wording
  • Added loading spinner to Palettes screen and adjusted render cache parameters to encounter less blank pages
  • Few minor visual adjustments to get ready for iPad version.
  • Fixed very long color names overflowing from the color card.

v. 1.0.2

Jan, 2019

  • Switched to native animations for better performance.
  • Redesign based on the feedback.

v. 1.0.0

Dec, 2018

  • Initial release for private testing.

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